Chris Bateman

Sorry, Firebug

I used to tell people that I browsed the web with Chrome and developed with Firefox/Firebug. But it just occurred to me that I’ve completely abandoned Firebug when it comes to development and debugging.

The Chrome Dev Tools are just too awesome. A year or two ago they were still kind of clumsy for me, but they evolved rapidly and added a ton of features in a short period of time. I only expect it to keep getting better.

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  • Kevin says:

    I’m primarily doing dev with Chrome now as well. The only things I miss about firebug are the CSS panel and the ability to search all script files for text. I really like the “prettify” option for minimized JavaScript that’s available through Dev tools.

  • Chris says:

    @Kevin *high five*

  • Ian says:

    I agree. I’ve always been annoyed when I go to someone’s desk and they have IE open and ask me to help them out with something. Now I get annoyed when they have Firefox open because it’s slower and has a less elegant interface.

    The only thing I like better about Firebug is the on/off checkbox for CSS on the left instead of way over on the right in Chrome.

  • Chris says:

    @Ian *high five* You’re in luck, because the checkboxes are on the left in v19!

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