Chris Bateman

A Simple Web App for Toddlers

Access it here: ColorSwap

A while back, I threw together a quick app for my then one-year-old son. It’s just a grid of colorful squares which can be flipped over by tapping, revealing a new unified color. I completely ripped it off from an iOS app that was great except for one thing – after each round the grid subdivided and the squares got smaller and my son quickly lost interest. So in my version, the grid remains the same size each round.

I made one other crucial modification: you have to make a distinct tap on each square to flip it – you can’t just drag your hand across the screen and flip them all. Being a one-year-old, he was pretty good at mashing, but I wanted to encourage some precision.

It was a hit; he played it over and over, and once he was old enough to learn his colors, he’d rattle them off as he tapped on them.

I hadn’t intended to really release it, as it’s very basic, but the source is on Github so feel free to fork it if you’d like to improve on it.

It works offline, so just add it to your home screen. It might entertain your child for a few minutes!


Tell me what you think: @batemanchris