Chris Bateman

Old Particle App

Access it here: Bright Lights.

A couple years ago, I built an app for the iOS app store using HTML5 Canvas. It was there for a year, and made a very modest profit, but it was really too silly and simple to be worth keeping there.

I’ve been meaning to put it on GitHub for a while, and I finally got around to it, so here you go. I made a number of modifications to make it suitable for use on the open web, and it’s also hosted here now. It’s a couple minutes worth of fun for kids, you can add it to your home screen, and it works offline.

With an app like this, there’s just one notable drawback to having a “home screen app” instead of a native app – you can’t prevent the notification and control centers from popping up when your finger goes past the top or bottom of the screen. Oh well. Also, you can’t remove the status bar, though that’s not a huge deal.

Tell me what you think: @batemanchris