Chris Bateman

Stats for 2013

Well I don’t think I’ll do this again, but, to continue last year’s tradition…

In 2013, I added a paltry 6 posts to Page views increased to about 26,500, in large part thanks to my Chrome experiment.

International traffic also increased – the top countries were: USA (27%), UK (7%), India (6%), and Germany (5%).

San Antonio lost its pole position on the top cities list: London (1.9%), San Francisco (1.3%), Paris (1.2%), and New York City (0.9%).

82% of visitors came from a desktop computer, 13% from a mobile device, and 10% from a tablet.

The top search query was “javascript webcam” followed “webcam javascript.” I currently hold the top Google result for “easeoutbounce css3.” I’m still sore about losing the top spot for “IE getUserMedia” to and MDN (just kidding, I love you guys).

I am going to post more this year. Really.

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